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How do I register and login to play It Was Typed?

Through the following link you can login/register. If you don't already have a HandCash account, then you'll be asked to create one.

Where will announcements about IWT be made?

We plan to make important IWT announcements on, on our Discord server, and on Twitter.

Where is the best place to ask questions or leave feedback?

Our Discord server is a great place to discuss IWT, but you can also reach us through Twitter and through our contact form.

What is is a new play-to-earn (P2E) game using BSV and HandCash. IWT is based on a very simple idea where you type something and other players cannot see what you've typed unless they type a matching post.

Do matches need to be exactly the same?

No, matches only need the same string of letters and numbers, and they are case insensitive. For example, all of the following would be considered matches.
  • It was typed +1 :)
  • "It Wâs Typèd #1!"
  • itwastyped1

Can people see what I type?

Yes, if someone types something that matches what you typed, then they can see what you typed.

What games can I play on IWT?

One game is to try and type something you think other people may have already typed. Another game is to try to be the first to type something that lots of others will type in the future. There are other IWT games too, and more IWT games that have yet to be invented.

How do I play?

Most games on IWT involve making posts. To make posts you'll need a free HandCash account, and you'll also need some post credits which you can also get for free.

What is the maximum length of posts?

Currently, the maximum length of posts is 100 characters.

Why do I need HandCash to login?

We want the ability for some of the games on IWT to be play-to-earn, and HandCash makes it easy for us to pay players.

How do I get more post credits?

You can recieve up to 250 free post credits per week simply by making posts as follows. If it has been more than 8 hours since you last received free post credits, and you have received less than 250 free post credits within the past 7 days, then when you try to make a post we automatically reward you with 25 free post credits.

How do I earn BSV?

The first play-to-earn IWT game is MoneyWords, but we are working on a variety of ways to earn BSV while playing IWT.

What are DIY IWT Games?

You can use IWT to make up Do It Yourself (DIY) IWT games. Here is an example of a DIY IWT game that was played during open beta testing.

What other games are you working on?

We're currently brainstorming the possibility of adding other IWT games such as MoneyQuestions and ScavengerHunt. Please share any IWT game ideas you have with us on Discord and Twitter.

When are MoneyWords paid?

With the public launch, if you are the first to match a MoneyWord (after the first hint has been revealed), then you should get paid right away.

Who pays for MoneyWords?

The IWT themed MoneyWords during beta testing and the BSV themed MoneyWords at public launch are paid for my IWT; however, in the future the hope is that advertisers and sponsors will pay for MoneyWords. Contact us if you would like to sponsor your own MoneyWords campaign.