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How do I read what other people post?

The only way to know what someone else posted is to type something that matches what they typed. For example, I posted "ItWasTyped is cool!", and if you try typing the same thing, then you can see everyone who typed a match of "ItWasTyped is cool!".

Can people see what I type?

Yes, if someone types something that matches what you typed, then they can see what you typed.

Do matches need to be exactly the same?

No, a match only needs to have the same string of letters and numbers. Additionally, matches are case insensitive, and we also attempt to map various characters to the corresponding letter before the comparison is made. For example, all of the following would be considered matches.
  • It was typed +1 :)
  • "It Wâs Typèd #1!"
  • itwastyped1

Why would anyone want to use

It can be fun and interesting to type something and see who else has typed it, but there can be many other uses too. For example, our family used it as a fun way to help my son practice spelling (and typing).

Can I delete what I post?

COMING SOON ... You have the ability to delete your own posts by logging in and going to "Options > My posts" and then following the steps to delete your posts.

How can I see who has typed the same things as me?

COMING SOON ... After you make a post you can see who has typed the same thing. Additionally, you can browse through all your posts to see old and new matches by logging in and going to "Options > My matches".

Can I see if other people typed something without them knowing that I typed it too?

COMING SOON ... Yes, if you start your post off with an exclamation mark, "!", then it won't be visible to others, but you can still see if others typed it.

Do I need to create an account to post?

No, you are welcome to post as a guest. Posting as a guest actually creates a new account, an you can turn your guest account into your own account by simply updating your settings to pick a username and password that you know.

How do I update my username and password?

You can update your username (COMING SOON), password, and email address through links you will see on the Options page when you are logged in.

Do I need to provide an email address?

No, however, you may want to provide an email address if you anticipate you may need to use the lost password feature in the future.

What is the maximum length of posts?

Currently, the maxmium length of posts is 100 characters.

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