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Oct 21, 2022

1. MoneyWords is the first structured game that can be played on IWT, but there are many other games that can be played on IWT. In other words, IWT is a lot more than just MoneyWords.

2. MoneyWords is designed to be a play-to-earn (P2E) game where words are hidden, hints are given, and the first person to posts the MoneyWord on wins some money.

3. The first MoneyWords campaign was the IWT themed MoneyWords, and we learned some important lessons to improve the game, and we plan to continue improving the game over time.

4. The second MoneyWords campaign is planned to be BSV themed, and the launch date is set to coincide with the public launch of IWT in November of 2022. Hopefully there will be thousands of MoneyWords campaigns in the future.

5. MoneyWords is free for players to play, and the money comes from people who want to promote something such as an advertiser who wants people to have fun while learning about their products or services.

6. We are working on a system to make it easy for anyone to create MoneyWords campaigns where you simply submit the details about your MoneyWords, and our automated system takes care of the rest.

7. IWT charges a fee for advertisers to use the MoneyWords system, and that fee is intended to be small compared to the exposure and convenience an advertiser gets from using the MoneyWords system.

8. The goal of MoneyWords is to have players, advertisers, and IWT all benefit from the MoneyWords system, but our focus is on making MoneyWords fun and rewarding for players.
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